Android and iOS mobile application for sales representatives

WiseRep mobile application for Android  and iOS is a modern and versatile tool for automating the work of sales representatives, supervisors, merchandisers and other remote employees.

WiseRep mobile application is distributed in the following versions:

WiseRep LITE is a mobile application for a merchandiser on Android with limited functionality;

WiseRep PRO is a mobile application on Android and iOS for sales representatives with advanced work capabilities (custom modifications).

WiseRep SUPER BETA is a mobile application for Android and iOS for supervisors with advanced features in work (custom modifications).

The most requested product is the Wise Rep Pro Android mobile app for sales representatives.

How WiseRep mobile app works

The server part of WiseRep allows you to organize all the processes necessary for the manager to set tasks for representatives (user registration, assignment of tasks, routes, collection / storage / processing of data, generation and configuration of reports), it also transfers data to mobile devices of the people responsible for the execution of the plan. The latter, in turn, receive all the information and materials necessary for work on portable devices using Android and iOS mobile applications.

How to install the application

To install WiseRep mobile application for a sales representative, merchandiser, supervisor and other roles, you need:

  1. Contact us;
  2. Download the program from a resource convenient and open to the user.

As soon as WiseRep appears in the list of downloaded applications of the device, you can proceed to install and use it.

If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact our Support Service.

 The advantages of WiseRep mobile application for merchandisers and sales representatives:

  • convenience of assigning tasks;
  • transparency of the representative's work;
  • real-time monitoring and reporting
  • application adaptability to the needs of our Customer.