Products for work automation of remote employees

We provide applications on your android and iOS phone, tablet and computer for merchandisers, service engineers, promoters, sales and pharmaceutical representatives, supervisors and controllers, and other field personnel

WiseRep PRO

WiseRep is a professional adaptive version of employee management system. WiseRep Pro is a mobile and web application for Android and iOS for merchandisers, sales representatives, pharmaceutical representatives, supervisors, promoters, controllers, executives, analysts and marketers ...

The system has been evolving since 2012 and is used in various fields.

WiseRep PRO builds processes and also collects, stores and processes information, allows you to organize training, creates the necessary algorithms, monitors and analyzes according to the specified parameters ...
WiseRep PRO integrates with major business platforms: 1C, SAP, Bitrix24, Microsoft Power BI, and API.

Системы управления персоналом
WiseRep PRO
Mobile application
  • Customizable visit steps for business process
  • Customizable data collection forms (photo, text, numbers, formulas, logic, etc.)
  • Data synchronized with accounting systems (goods, prices, discounts, weight, etc.)
  • Logical sequence when filling in data (error checking, correctness and sequence of filling out forms, input masks)

Beta version of the mobile application for supervisors

We make the supervisor's work in the fields more convenient:

  • Viewing and filtering visits
  • Control of visits
The functionality of the application is constantly evolving and updated
WiseRep PRO Web
Web application
  • Unlimited number of accounts (administrator, supervisor, controller, client) to form teams
  • Configurable database settings
  • Bulk data loading using files, as well as synchronization with accounting systems (service points, product matrices, etc.)

WiseRep LITE

WiseRep LITE is a simplified version of WiseRep to digitize the work of remote employees.

WiseRep Lite is a mobile and web application for merchandiser, service engineer, promoters, sales and pharmaceutical representatives, supervisors and controllers, as well as other field personnel. Available for installation on Android and iOS.

WiseRep Lite allows you to try the basic functions of the system without adapting the functionality directly to the tasks and needs of your business.

WiseRep Lite - a convenient start for automating the work of a sales representative, supervisor, merchandiser, etc...!

Системы управления персоналом
WiseRep LITE
Mobile app
  • Fixed form of data collection:
    • Photo before – Photo after with time fixation
    • Availability report
    • Comment on the visit
Web application
  • Work is done through a single supervisor account
  • Common point base, manual loading of new points
  • Restrictions on the period of uploaded reports
LITE Solutions
* all prices are for reference. The final price will be formed depending on the functionality needed, the number of devices, payment terms, the duration of the contract, etc.
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