WiseRep supervisor program is based on the WiseRep CRM personnel management system and is presented by the WiseRep SuperBeta application. The app allows supervisors to remotely organize their work with merchandisers in order to respond quickly to their activities online and offline, as well use full access to all the information necessary for planning, coordination, training and reporting.

The WiseRep Pro application allows you to solve the following tasks of the controller:

  • Selection of reports and visits
  • Sort reports and visits by specified parameters
  • View and analyze reports
  • Monitor device location during a visit
  • View photo reports
  • Monitoring the completed session
  • Recording and saving of remarks, comments to the visit

Advantages of the WiseRep Pro app for the controller:

WiseRep application for controller is the best investment to simplify team interaction as well as increase employee productivity!

Программа для контролеров
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