Ambassador is an external employee who represents a brand. Brands ambassadors are recruited with the object to represent a brand and to increase its awareness that contributes to the demand increase. Target audience is often identified with a brand and vice versa.

This kind of marketing appeared in the thirties of the 20-th century in the USA and proves its effectiveness every year. Herein companies need to monitor the effectiveness of this promotional activity. In particular recently we often receive requests to complete our application WiseRep Pro with functions that are necessary for brand ambassadors. That is exactly what we did!

At the moment the program WiseRep Pro for brand ambassadors gives to our clients a possibility to:

  • Manage online the work of several ambassadors via app on their mobile devices
  • Monitor ambassadors’ moving
  • Personalize objectives and KPI
  • Integrate questionnaires into ambassadors’ work
  • Generate requests/orders online
  • Automate report generation according to the given parameters
  • Secure data uploading to the cloud

The price of one license is $20 (web application is included)

The procedure is organized in the following manner:

  1. Request for licenses acquisition.
  2. Requirements gathering and contract signing.
  3. Software installation with our Technical Support (mobile and Web application).
  4. Software use

Advantages of WiseRep for brand ambassadors:

  • Ambassadors’ work automatization
  • Integration with GoogleMaps
  • Adaptation to heavy loads
  • It can be used online and offline
  • Secure data transfer
  • It can be integrated with 1С, SAP, Bitrix24, Microsoft Power BI, API
  • It’s available for Android and iOS via GooglePlay and AppStore
  • It’s customized and personalized according to any company with ambassadors.

WiseRep app for ambassadors is the best investment to simplify   complete tasks and increase sales and brand awareness of your company!

Программа для амбассадоров
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