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...Мы используем партнерское мобильное приложение WiseRep и ни разу об этом не пожалели...:

1.  Это МЕГА база данных, которые можно можно "метрикать" и использовать в эффективности компании - т.е. быть прибыльной компанией.

2. Простота в решении оперативных задач. Правильно поставленная задача - это 80% решения задачи (в нашем случае). Простота использования WiseRep для постановки задач от Клиента радует!

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Частное предприятие «Спецсервис Мерчандайзинг»,

We have been using the Pro WiseRep application for more than six months to work with sales representatives (center order, work control). Considering that this was not our first attempt to implement a similar program, we are very pleased with both the work of the program itself and the speed of implementation and technical support.

Thank you to the employees of Wise Technologies LLC for cooperation! We highly recommend their products and services!

LLC «Energy Group»,
Head of Procurement Department

Thanks to the WiseRep control system the working day of field employees has become transparent for us and provided a full layout of what each working time is spent on, as well as reports for planned and completed visits by day, week, month.

The collection of data from fields, such as inventory balances, facing, marketing of competitors, etc. is also systematized.

RTK «Cheese House»,
Anton Glebov. Regional Head - Voronezh, Voronezh Region, Russia