WiseRep CRM Home for personnel management

Management system for the merchandiser, service engineer, promoter, sales and pharmaceutical representative, supervisor and controller, as well as other field personnel

WiseRep CRM (WiseRep Customer Relationship Management) is a cloud-based solution for remote organization of work processes, including on-site and off-site personnel management, as well as data collection and processing.

Target audience:

  • Merchandisers
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Service engineers
  • Controllers
  • Promoters
  • Pharmaceutical Representatives
  • Analysts
  • Marketers…

Opportunities of using WiseRep personnel management system:

  • Trading
  • Personnel
  • Audit
  • Control
  • Monitoring
  • Key Performance indicators (KPIs)…

Main advantages of WiseRep CRM for merchandising, trading, analytics, and mobile trading:

  • Easily scales to meet any customer's needs
  • Adapts to heavy loads
  • Integrated with GoogleMaps (has access to unified database of addresses, use personal map settings)
  • Works in on and offline mode
  • Integrates with 1C, SAP, Bitrix24, Microsoft Power BI, API
  • Ensures the security of the servers used…

Key functions of the WiseRep personnel management system:

  • It allows you to form a company structure by creating users with different access rights, providing effective resource management and full control over the processes occurring in the company.
  • It allows you to build a marketing strategy by defining the target group for each direction.
  • Allows you to implement your marketing strategy within the framework of ethical business conduct thanks to a system of approvals.
  • Allows you to create tasks for representatives, to form target groups and session structure by customer category.
  • Allows you to flexibly allocate priorities between created tasks.
  • Allows you to analyze the real picture of the work done by representatives, comparing it with business results.
  • Allows representatives to work with the target group and marketing plans defined by managers.
  • Maximizes the reliability of the data provided by the representative for following analysis, monitoring, and rapid editing.
  • Allows the representative to generate a session report automatically.


The employee management system WiseRep CRM consists of two modules:

  • "Think tank" (CRM), which is located on the company's server and is focused on the work of management personnel (director and senior management staff, field force managers, marketing managers and marketers, inspectors and compliance managers, HR specialists and many others).

This module allows you to solve many tasks, such as:

  • Creating users with different access rights and responsibilities
  • Customer database storage and processing
  • Creating and assigning tasks to representatives
  • Creating marketing presentations using visual data and video files for subsequent demonstration on mobile apps
  • Collecting, storing, and analyzing session data
  • Flexible report generator with the ability to save export templates to popular formats
  • Approval system….
  • "Representative" (mobile application), which runs on iOS and Android and is focused on the work of "field" employees and is their main tool in the work. This module allows representatives to remotely receive tasks from the office module, promo materials, quickly plan of their work for any given period (day, week...), show presentations and video files, leave comments on the completed session, upload photos and video content.

How does WiseRep CRM modules work?
Company's management team loads tasks with the target group, territorial division, marketing plan, selected areas for analysis in the “Think Tank” module and sends this information to the “Representative” mobile application module.
On the assignment of the “Think Tank” module “Representative " forms the session structure, registers all information about the session (place, time, frequency....).

WiseRep CRM for field employee management is currently represented by two products: