The program for marketers WiseRep is based on the human resources management system WiseRep CRM and is presented by the application WiseRep Pro.

Marketing tasks that the WiseRep HR management system allows you to solve:

  • create a new task plan (questionnaire, questionnaire) to fill in
  • view the questionnaire content
  • edit the questionnaire
  • limit the job plan across network
  • view statistics on created task plans and questionnaires (total number, as well as the number of approved, rejected, approved, in development, suspended task plans and questionnaires)
  • structure data in statistical reports depending on the type of activity (creating and adding an activity group, editing an activity group, adding a combined activity)
  • view a list of all tasks plans and lists of specific task groups (under development, approved, or suspended)
  • select the required task plans by name, keyword, etc. to check its status, view the content, and edit them
  • edit task plan data
  • add a presentation
  • add a questionnaire
  • view / edit the questionnaire

Advantages of the WiseRep application for the marketer:

  • Automates processes
  • Integrated with GoogleMaps
  • Adapts to heavy loads
  • Integrates with 1C, SAP, Bitrix24, Microsoft Power BI, API
  • It works both online and offline
  • Works through a secure server
  • Reduces the time spent by the marketer on the point of sale
  • Customizable and scalable to meet any needs of the marketer and his manager

The program for marketers WiseRep is the best investment to make it easier for a marketer!

Программа для маркетологов
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