Image Recognition Technology or IR (Image Recognition) is a computer vision technology based on AI (Artificial Intelligence), that allows to automate image recognition (places, objects, people) on the pictures.

Retail Audit or Trade Retail Audit it’s a research that is carried out regularly on purpose to gather and analyze trade retail data.

Technical merchandising is a complex of services of design, creation, supply and installation of POSM equipment, and also include product placement at trade points.

Cross selling/Cross-merchandising is one of popular modern trends of sales promotion which consists in displaying complementary goods next to each other (for example: glasses and pitcher, cups and plates, shampoo and conditioner…)

Visual merchandising is one of the most popular modern trends of sales promotion.

Merchandising is classified by various criteria.

Merchandising is an activity focused on the effective demonstration of goods to customers. 

Usually merchandising is associated with the goods display on the shelves for the purpose of increasing sales.  

Planogram layout for Merchandiser in WiseRep products is a layout of goods on the shelves of retail outlets in order to manage customer behavior. It is compiled as a standard for the display of goods by responsible employees at a particular outlet. I.e laying out goods (determining a specific place for each commodity item) is the result of working according a planogram. In turn, the realorama is compared with the planogram.