Cross selling/Cross-merchandising is one of popular modern trends of sales promotion which consists in displaying complementary goods next to each other (for example: glasses and pitcher, cups and plates, shampoo and conditioner…). 

There are three types of cross merchandising that are used more often:

  1. Display of pairs of complementary goods.
  2. Creation of special thematic area.
  3. Creation of a promotional area.

We will describe every type of merchandising mentioned above in our next posts.

The basis of of merchandising, includes certain knowledge and marketing principles, this is because they are easily systematized and automatized. In other words, nowadays it is possible to automize merchandiser’s routine work using special software available in any mobile device (for example WiseRep). In this way the company can avoid mistakes and reduce merchandiser’s working time at trade point.

The mobile App WiseRep can be integrated with other technologies Shelf Recognition. You can read more about it on our site in section Integration or Articles. Or contact us in any wat convenient for you.

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