Merchandising principles

The main principles of merchandising are:

  • Availability of the product for the buyer
  • Display of impulse purchase goods in well visible places
  • Goods display at eye level
  • Goods display facing the buyer
  • Goods display without items overloading
  • Use of sales area “hot spots”
  • Use of special goods display

The main purpose is sales growth first.

We have developed the program WiseRep, that simplifies the compliance of the principles mentioned above and accelerates the work execution by merchandisers at sale area.

Our software is represented by two products: with standard settings (WiseRep LITE) and customized settings according to your requirements (WiseRep PRO). You can use it via browser and on your tablet or mobile phone(it’s available on Android and iOS).

The program WiseRep allows to:

  • interact with supervisors online
  • online monitoring of merchandisers’ movement
  • optimize routes and add new trade points while merchandisers are working
  • block the photo substitution by merchandisers
  • automate and standardize the work of merchandisers at trade points
  • supply data to the secure server rapidly

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