Planogram in merchandising. Display of goods

Planogram layout for Merchandiser in WiseRep products is a layout of goods on the shelves of retail outlets in order to manage customer behavior. It is compiled as a standard for the display of goods by responsible employees at a particular outlet. I.e laying out goods (determining a specific place for each commodity item) is the result of working according a planogram. In turn, the realorama is compared with the planogram. 

Planograms can be done manually or automatically, compiled individually or uploaded in a predetermined format. The complexity of implementing planograms depends on the specifics of the product, the size of outlets and the software used. WiseRep managers will help you set the necessary settings for the needs of any business

Planogram in merchandising with WiseRep:

  • visualization of the product placement plan on the shelves
  • determining the required quantity of goods on the shelves in retail outlets (no less, no more) for display
  • assessment of assortment demonstration by SKU, categories, standards, brands…
  • timely change of product display depending on demand
  • timely inventory control
  • optimization of the area occupied by the product on the shelf
  • storage of planograms for the entire period of work

Benefits of planogram product display merchandising with WiseRep:

  • planogram building automation
  • optimizing product display and shelf space
  • reducing the number of placing errors
  • reducing the time of information transfer to the central office
  • creating efficient layouts
  • high data confidence

The are the following types of planograms

  1. Horizontal and vertical planograms
  2. Corporate
  3. By groups
  4. Display planograms
  5. Floor planograms

In practice, managers use a combination of several types of planograms, and are also guided by product display standards. It is important that WiseRep CRM allows you to analyze the effectiveness of product display over the past period, and use past experience in creating new, more competitive and efficient planograms.