Recognition of goods on store shelves

Recognition of goods on store shelves is a process that allows you to automatically determine the presence and quantity of goods on a shelf. This can be useful for stores that want to improve their efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

One of the advantages of recognizing goods on a shelf through a mobile application is the ability to automatically monitor the availability of goods on the shelf. This allows stores to quickly respond to changes in demand and prevent out-of-shelf (OOS) situations. In addition, recognizing products on the shelf can help stores optimize their inventory and reduce the amount of inventory needed.

Why do you need intelligent product recognition or AI Shelf Recognition?

Recognition of goods on a shelf allows you to compare the display of goods in a realogram with a planogram for the placement of goods, quickly make corrections to the placement of goods and thereby increase the efficiency of the display of goods on store shelves.

There is a cloud solution that helps in monitoring the compliance of the layout with the planogram - WiseRep. The system provides the ability to load high-performance planograms into the interface, optimize product display and shelf space, and publish planograms as images or tables.

Creating planograms using Cloud WiseRep becomes a fun process, and layout efficiency increases significantly. The service provides all the necessary tools for creating, analyzing and monitoring planograms. You can automatically or manually create planograms, use templates and layout rules, and performers will receive changes to their devices automatically.

Recognition of goods on store shelves