Technical merchandising

Technical merchandising is a complex of services of design, creation, supply and installation of POSM equipment, and also include product placement at trade points.

Technical merchandising main purposes are:

  1. attract attention to goods
  2. simplify product election without personal assistance
  3. encourage purchases

We can’t underestimate the influence of technical merchandising because it is one of main instruments to create an atmosphere at sales area that makes impact on buyer’s choice directly.

The use of WiseRep allows to automize many merchandising processes cutting expenses for the stuff thereby. Our software is represented by web and mobile applications. It is available in Android and iOS. It gives an opportunity to test system basic functionalityfor free.

To instal WiseRep Lite you have only to leave a request on our site. Our manager can contact you to discuss all the details. 

We are looking forward to tell you about  all the possibilities of our CRM system  for your company.

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