The best app for inspectors

A controller is a specialist who checks the quality of work of merchandisers, ambassadors, pharmaceutical representatives and other employees working in retail outlets. The controller must be attentive, responsible, objective and prompt. In order to facilitate and speed up the work of the controller, he needs to use a modern application that will help him monitor, analyze and evaluate the activities of his subordinates.

In our humble opinion, the best application for supervisors is WiseRep Pro, which is developed based on the WiseRep CRM HR management system.
WiseRep Pro is an application that allows the controller to remotely view reports and visits of employees, sort them according to various parameters, check photo reports and the location of the device during the visit, make observations and comments on the visit, and also receive statistics and analytics on the team’s performance.

WiseRep Pro has a number of advantages over other applications for inspectors:

  • WiseRep integrates with GoogleMaps, 1C, SAP, Bitrix24, Microsoft Power BI, API and other systems, which ensures data synchronization and ease of use.
  • It works online and offline, allowing the controller to obtain information anytime and anywhere.
  • WiseRep uses AI Shelf Recognition technology, which automatically determines the presence and location of products on the shelf based on photographs.
  • WiseRep is adapted to almost any needs and loads, as it has flexible configuration and scaling.
  • WiseRep provides a free trial period during which you can evaluate all the functions and capabilities of the application.

WiseRep Pro is the best app for supervisors to help them improve the quality, speed, and results of their team. WiseRep Pro is a reliable assistant for the controller in the modern world of trade.

The best app for inspectors