What is merchandising?

Merchandising is an activity focused on the effective demonstration of goods to customers. 

Usually merchandising is associated with the goods display on the shelves for the purpose of increasing sales.  

Merchandisinghas strong demand and is effective for the big retail businesses : supermarkets and hypermarkets. This activity allows to plan properly and to display goods on the shelves in such a way as to promote the customer product and brand loyalty, and to contribute to the sales increasing of this products.

A modern mobile application WiseRep allows to automate merchandising in the shortest time! WiseRep covers all the necessary issues including the products display on the shelves and stock control of all the commodity items. 

Actually, all the features and functionality are implemented on the basis of mobile applications. In particular, mobile application WiseRep is represented by three products:

  1. WiseRepLITE with basic settings (limited functionality).
  2. WiseRepPRO with customized settings according to the customer requirements.
  3. WiseRepSUPERBETA for Supervisors.

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