Image Recognition in merchandising

Image Recognition Technology or IR (Image Recognition) is a computer vision technology based on AI (Artificial Intelligence), that allows to automate image recognition (places, objects, people) on the pictures. It is essential part of the technology AI Shelf Recognition

IR is used by agents who complete the tasks of merchandising applying mobile applications such as WiseRepPRO. The implementation of Image Recognition Technology for field stuff gives an opportunity to receive online actual information about goods on the shelves, and to obtain reliable data for its further analysis.

Image Recognition (IR) technology allows:

  • Control % of On Shelf Availability (OSA);
  • Monitor  the quantity of goods out of stock (OOS);
  • Monitor the quantity of goods on shelf;
  • Monitor goods display on shelf;
  • Monitor Shelf Share;
  • Control over goods display standards compliance;
  • Prices monitoring;
  • And much more.

As a result it contributes to:

  • Optimize acquired data;
  • Reduce time of report generation;
  • Increase data reliability;
  • Reduce costs and work time at trade points.

How does Image Recognition work in merchandising?

In our YouTube channel you can study how this technology works in the context of IR for the panoramic shelf photos with vertical and horizontal connection.

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